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Hair Services


Blowdry w/curling or flat iron   

Formal Hair Design                     

Bridal Updo      


Haircut w/ curling or flat iron    

Kids Haircut                                 

Color Touch Up                            

Full Color                                   


Color Correction    

Partial Highlight                           

Full Highlight                               

Partial Balayage                           

Full Balayage                                

Keratin Treatment 

 Hair Extensions     

Skincare Services

Dames Beauty Bar Custom Facial  $99
"The Works" facial (90 min) $145
NanoPen Treatment (60min) $160
Oxygen Face Lift (60 min) $109
Microderm Signature Face Lift $140-$150
Vitamin C/Enzyme (60min) $135
Wrinkle Lift Peel (45 min) $125
Lightening Lift Peel (45 min) $125
Acne Lift Peel (45 min) $125
Perfection Lift Peel (45 min) $125
Eyebrow Wax $25
Lip Wax $13
Eyebrow and Lip Wax $38
Eyebrow, Lip and Chin Wax $53
Nose Wax $15
Sideburn Wax $15
Full Face Wax $60
Underarm Wax $25
Arm Wax $45

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